Favor: Helping Those with a Learning Difference Enjoy Learning Again!

Favor? When I’m helping your child with their Sound-Word Knowledge & Processing, Can you help them by doing these systematic, explicit, sight word activities (mentioned below)??? What are Sight Words? Sight words are words which are usually high-frequency that do not fit standard phonetic patterns and must be memorized. Activity 1- done till 90% masteryContinue reading “Favor: Helping Those with a Learning Difference Enjoy Learning Again!”

Universal Emotions: Looking Into the Emotions of Learning

Please take time today to read this article and think about: How students with learning differences perceive the universal emotions which are the following shame, empathy, anger, strength, hatred, courage, grief, and compassion when it comes to their learning!! #dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #adhd #dyslexic #autism #dyslexiaeducation #dysgraphia #dyslexiaadvocate #education #dyslexiasupport #specialeducation #learningdisabilities #dyscalculia #dyspraxia #specialneeds #saydyslexiaContinue reading “Universal Emotions: Looking Into the Emotions of Learning”

Ctrl. F Search Linking Words (aka Transition Words): Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again

Linking words and phrases (aka Transition words) are used to show relationships between ideas to classify, serialize, categorize, and analyze information (break-down for comprehension) which can be difficult for those with dyslexia. They can be used to join 2 or more sentences or clauses (a clause is a group of words which contains a subjectContinue reading “Ctrl. F Search Linking Words (aka Transition Words): Helping Those with a Neurodifference Enjoy Learning Again”

Cook’s FREE Morphology For Spelling Families & Matrices

Word Family Ladders -am family Word FamiliesWord families are groups of words that have a common SPELLING pattern or groups of letters with the same sound. **Should only be used for spelling!! Ask me why: tcookuab@gmail.com or think about the word noun. For example, the “ain” word family includes brain, chain, gain, pain, rain, andContinue reading “Cook’s FREE Morphology For Spelling Families & Matrices”

Cook’s Reading Strategy & Tools Summary

** PowerPoint Available- https://quizlet.com/_5qevqh?x=1jqt&i=1rtq1r ***Video Available 1)      Introduce 3 (before, during, after reading) strategies in Whole Group (I do) 2)      Practice Strategies in Small Group (We do) 3)     Students Practice in Centers (You do) Goal: Students use the strategies independently. Comprehension** Before Reading- Anticipation Phase Inferring/Predicting Strategy Inferring/Predicting Strategy Grade Description: Inferring is the processContinue reading “Cook’s Reading Strategy & Tools Summary”

My Favorite Websites: FREE

My Favorite Webites: FREE For Sequencing, Categorizing and Visual Memory (Do Daily): (pic.-pic) http://jumpingfishes.com/memory/’ (pic.-word) https://matchthememory.com/chsounds (word-word)https://www.memozor.com/other-memory-games/words-memory-games/match-game-wordsAwwweb White Board:  https://awwapp.com/BOOKS: https://camellia.overdrive.comhttps://www.openebooks.net/https://www.readinga-z.comhttps://www.getepic.com Phonics Help: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=google+pronounce https://quizlet.com/join/5d7s6t7Zv Phonological Awareness in Pre-K and Kindergarten: https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/learning-at-home/encouraging-reading-writing/9-ways-to-build-phonological-awareness-in-pre-k-and-kindergarten Book Making: https://app.writereader.comhttps://www.blurb.com/  Orthography: http://www.neilramsden.co.uk/spelling/searcher/index.htmlhttps://www.oakton.edu/user/3/gherrera/Greek%20and%20Latin%20Roots%20in%20English/greek_and_latin_roots.pdf Comprehension: https://www.readworks.orghttps://readtheory.org Digital Making/Creativity: https://spark.adobe.comhttps://www.canva.com Prose: https://theprose.com Games: https://pbskids.org/pinkalicious/games/pinkcredible-story-maker Resources (Free Dyslexia Help):https://www.pinterest.com/tc4296/boards/ FREE Dyslexia Screening & Lesson PlanContinue reading “My Favorite Websites: FREE”